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 Security is a major issue on the cyber world today. We depend on the internet for various reasons but the most common of all is getting task done with ease at our own convenience. Activities like Shopping, paying bills and getting information can be done with the help of the internet without us taking a step out of our room. We always say that the internet has given us ease in processing so many things but we also forget that the moment we are connected to the internet, we are vulnerable to Hackers who can steal our passwords and private info, Government agents who snoops on us and our Internet Service Providers who always monitor our movements and private activities!
 The solution to this problem is a VPN and so today, I would be discussing Express vpn which I found to be capable of providing security to our privacy.
 Express vpn is a virtual private network that creates an encrypted connection over a less secure network. It protects and hides our information and activities from our ISP and with its 100 premium servers  located in 78 countries, it breaks all geographic restrictions and bypasses our Internet Service Providers firewall to give us freedom while surfing the internet.
What is VPN

        Functions of Express VPN

 Enhanced security:
Security has been a major issue on the cyber world with most fear coming from the Red and Blackhat hackers. The blackhat hackers are mostly rogues who breaches or crashes internet security to achieve their individual aim not minding the end result. While Redhat hackers are hackers hired by Government or individuals to cripple or breach any form of security so as to gain access to private information. The question is “can Express vpn withstand this”? well Express vpn uses a 250bit high encryption of 100 servers in 78 countries to protect your data from all forms of hacks and as such, guarantees the safety of our precious information.
  Online anonymity:
 When ever we go online our identities are exposed on the internet and hackers could use our information to indict us or even trail our location. Now this is the part when Express vpn comes in because it hides our identity and assign us a proxy which leads those trying to get our information to a wrong location which is a dead end.
 Bypasses Geographical restriction:
 There are some programs and TV shows that can only be viewed by the people living in that geographical location. Lets say you are from the UK and you travelled to China and want you want to still watch  Sherlock Holmes which you know is not viewable in China. Don’t worry because with Express vpn, you can select the UK as your region and then gain access to your local TV programmes and series. So applies with Facebook, youtube and the rest that are not available in some countries

  Protects from hackers, Snoopers and stalkers

 ExpressVPN encrypts our connection in such a way that hackers cant get access to our passwords and same applies to our ISP. Express vpn connection prevents our ISP from data logging our messages and activities.
    Apps for every device!

The vpn you can trust:
 Express vpn in my opinion is one of the best vpn you can trust because it doesn’t data log our information and it delivers to high expectation. Express vpn is available on the platforms ofAndroid, IOS, Mac, PC.
 I tested it on the latest version of android OS and found it to be working stable without any form of crash .Click here for pricing and free trial

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