Many people have different reasons for tweaking their imei number, but the recent trend seem to be popular with android users who wants to trick their Internet Service Providers by making them believe they are using BlackBerry phone whereas they are not. 

1. First of all click here link 1 or  here link2 to download and install Mobileuncle MTK tool if you don’t have it.
2. Open the mobile uncle tool and scroll to Engineering mode (MTK) and click it.
3. Click on CDS information
4. Click the Radio information and you will get phone 1 and phone 2. Depending on the sim   imei you wish to change, phone 1 is sim 1 and phone 2 is sim 2
5. To change sim 1 imei number to blackberry, touch phone 1 and in the popup, touch the AT+
6. Once you touch the Key board will pop up.
In the key board you type any single letter
and cancel only the letter you have type.
Immediately you can notice the scribes that is
required for you It looks like AT+EGMR=1,7""
7. Click the first row and after 7 you can
notice the simple "" delete the last inverted
comma and type the Blackberry imei number
you generated
8. Verify the typed blackberry imei numbers,
then close the inverted commas "
9. Click the SEND AT COMMAND
10. Once the pop up display indicates AT
command successfully send.
11. Reboot your phone and enjoy.
12. If you want to change your imei number back to your original that came with your phone, just repeat the above procedure using your original imei number.

Download mobile uncle:
Google play store link here
Direct download here or here 
NOTE: This post is only meant for educatuonal purpose only because weaking of imei numbers is illegal in most countries!
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Anonymous said...

really love it man..i changed my android imei to that of bb but my data metwork is not stable

Unknown said...

Configure your Apn to and you are good to go.

Unknown said...

where will i paste d IMEI i changed

Unknown said...

That is the step 7 procedure