How to download from this site

 Are you having problems downloading from the links on this blog? if yes then follow the below procedures on how to download without having difficulties;

 First you have to know that if you are not to use an opera mini browser to download from this site. Downloading from this site shouldn't be that difficult. In all the posts, they are two links provided for the downloads (link1 and link2). When you click on any of the links, you would be redirected to a survey page that requires you to pick one and once you complete it, the downloads automatically opens and you get your content. Note that if you click on the first link and it doesn't have a survey for you region, you can still click on the second link to get your download.
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nixon nixus said...

Use google drive or even ad fly its better that this other subsections, it consumed my airtime

Naymyopyae 2012 said...

Pls use google drive I can't download yf modded apk thks

hoota gafer said...

I talked 2 u in fb .. I can't download it I
think it because I am in sudan .. or I misunderstand use these sites .. please upload it to zippshare or Google drive

Nat Ghi said...

Cause it's fake. Anything with surveys is fake

Anonymous said...

If you really want us to download this thing of yours, why don't you just give us a direct link to download???? Why r you subjecting us to a sackful of useless ads n subscriptions???? Nonsense!